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Safco AlphaBetter® Adjustable-Height Stand-Up Desk


Brand Safco
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With the height-adjustable AlphaBetter Desk by Safco, students have the opportunity to sit or stand throughout their day. They can also expel any extra fidgety energy with the patented Swinging Pendulum Footrest. In other words, this standing desk allows students to move more freely throughout the day, which in turn supports better physical health as well as focus and attention. It pairs perfectly with the AlphaBetter Stool when students want a break from standing. 

Active learning is heavily supported by research, so incorporating ergonomic and movement-friendly desks into the classroom is vital. This allows students to combat the sedentary lifestyle that they are often subject to in the classroom, and it facilitates an optimal learning experience. 

In AlphaBetter classrooms, postural support, ergonomic comfort and attentive learning come first. Available in two desk sizes and two desktop types, with or without a book box. 


  • Height-adjustable to suit the needs of a wide range of users 
  • Encourages greater movement throughout the day, which in turn improves focus, attention and retention 
  • Redirects excess fidgety energy with the patented Swinging Pendulum Footrest bar 
  • Aids in ergonomic comfort and cardiovascular health 
  • Patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar 
  • Durable, powder-coated steel base 
  • Adjustable desk foot levelers for stability and smooth movement across floor surfaces 
  • Open shelf for convenient extra storage of school supplies 
  • Height adjustability range of 26 to 42.5" (14 settings of 1.25" increments) 
  • Optional Premium Phenolic (durable, industrial grade resin) laminated plastic desk  
  • Optional steel book box for further storage space 


  • Adjustability - Height: 26" to 42.25" 
  • Colours: Black (frame), Gray (top) 
  • Material(s): Steel (Base), ¼" Phenolic (Shelf), ⅜" Phenolic (Top) 
  • Paint / Finish: Black Powder Coat Finish 
  • Pencil Tray: Yes, 3 sides 


  • Standard Desk Top: Standard MDF desk top (Beige) with durable 3D thermoplastic laminate coating for resilient impact and chemical resistance (28 x 20", ⅝" thick) 
  • Premium Desk Top: Premium Phenolic (durable, industrial grade resin) laminated plastic desk top (Gray) (28 x 20", ⅜" thick) 
  • Book Box: Steel Book Box (22" W x 15" D x 4 3/4" H) for storing classroom materials 

Dimensions and Weight: 

  • Finished Product Dimensions: 28"W x 20"D x 26 to 42.25"H OR 36" W x 24" D x 26" to 42" H 
  • Compartment Size: 22"W x 15"D x 4 ¾"H (book box) 
  • Shelf Dimensions: 26"W x 8"D 
  • Top Dimensions: 28"W x 20"D OR 36"W x 24"D 
  • Finished Product Weight - Small Desk, no Book Box: 33 lbs. 
  • Finished Product Weight - Small Desk, Book Box: 38 lbs. 
  • Finished Product Weight – Large Desk, no Book Box: 45 lbs. 
  • Finished Product Weight - Large Desk, Book Box52 lbs. 

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