Personal growth doesn’t always happen on its own, but if you take the time to really focus on your goals, meaningful growth and improvement are totally within your grasp. Here are five great tips that will help you on your self-improvement journey! 

1. Read Daily

Books are an amazing source of wisdom and perspective; the more you read, the more you expose your mind to new ideas.
No matter what kind of book you enjoy reading, set aside time each day to read. Even committing to 10 minutes per day can fuel your mind with new knowledge and improve your vocabulary greatly depending on the types of books you chose to read. You will be shocked how much you can get through when you spend just a few minutes a day with a good book.

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    2. Drink Water

    Our bodies function best when we drink enough water! But somehow most of us normally forget to drink enough, or we aren’t even sure how much we should be drinking in the first place. The daily recommended amount of water is different for everyone, varying dependent on your age, weight and gender. That being said, Healthline recommends that on average adult women should drink about 95 ounces daily and adult men should drink about 131 ounces daily.
    Remembering to drink this much water can be difficult, but we recommend keeping a water bottle on your desk at work and trying to always drink a glass with every meal! By consistently meeting your daily water intake goals, you'll be feeling healthier and happier in no time.

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    3. Bullet Journal 

    Bullet journals are perfect because they allow you to plan for your future, track your past, and keep organized in your present. They also allow you to have full control over your planner - you get to decide how everything looks and what you want to track. It’s the perfect place to track a new habit (like drinking enough water!), plan your week and set goals for your future! We can’t recommend starting a bullet journal enough. Keeping your goals and habits at the top of your mind will help you be more likely to achieve them. 

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    4. Create an Exercise Routine

    Any self-improvement starts with a plan. Consequently, the only way to be successful with a new exercise routine is to create a solid plan! Many people (myself included) aim to exercise at least three times a week.

    Exercise routines don’t always have to mean hitting the gym either. Think outside the box and add in things like using your sit-stand desk each day or including more walking meetings. Simple changes like this can really make a big difference in your overall self-improvement journey. 

    5. Learn a New Skill

    Knowledge is power! Learning a new skill sets yourself up for success. Is there a skill you’ve always wanted to learn or improve on? Write it down (in your bullet journal!) and make it a goal to take a class on the subject. Most city libraries offer great classes for a variety of skills. If you can’t find what you want in your city, try a website like SkillShare where there are tons of videos and online courses on thousands of subjects.

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    We encourage everyone to take on the challenge of self-improvement and make the life changes we have been putting off for so long. 

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