Enkel Birch Wood Work Smarter Set - Monitor and Laptop Stand

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The Enkel Birch Wood Work Smarter Set combines both the monitor and laptop stand.  

Laptop Stand features an S-shaped platform that allows for better ergonomics while holding your laptop safely and securely. This stand will also help you take your desk organization to the next level (literally!).  This elevated laptop stand reduces neck strain with a more ergonomic set-up. It's the perfect solution for your work from home setup. The sturdy construction will support any laptop, so you never have to look down at your screen again.

The Enkel Birch Wood Monitor Stand is an esthetically pleasing one piece monitor stand that allows for better ergonomics when using your PC by raising monitor screen to an ergonomic viewing height.  Elevated monitors help to reduce neck strain and is a perfect solution for your home or work office. 

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  • Elevating laptop screen to prevent a hunched seating position.
  • Help reduce physical strain in your neck, shoulder and lower back.
  • Improved neck spine position for improved comfort.
  • Retainer lip at the back of the shelf to avoid falling items
  • A 12” deep shelf, with the option of either 30 or 42” wide dependent on space needs
  • Sturdy construction for stability
  • Built-in shelf dividers for books, notebooks or files
  • Natural birch wood coated with protective scent-free oils.
  • Crafted with sustainably sourced materials.
  • Soft rubber feet to prevent desk from scratches.
  • Provides additional storage space to reduce desk clutter.


  • Laptop Stand Dimensions (L x W x H) : 7.5 X 10.6 X 5.5 (Inches) 
  • Monitor Stand Dimensions (H x W x L): 3.7 X 9 X 14 (Inches)

Manufacturer Warranty:

With Enkel Studios, you can expect quality. Our products are crafted to perfection with the highest quality control.

  • All Enkel products are subject to one year from date of purchase warranty period.
  • The warranty covers your pieces against everything.

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