All custom orders must be pre-paid and may take up to 120 days for delivery.   This is an opportunity to own a unique piece of furniture that you will be proud of for a lifetime.
We believe that great design can be passed on from generation to generation as heirlooms. That’s why we only work with materials and manufacturing techniques that can stand the test of time. Because long living products benefit both people and planet. Included in this overview is the entire Varier textile and leather collection. Our collection is carefully curated in collaboration with creative talent, brought to you by best-in-class suppliers. All fabrics and leathers have been tried and tested, securing that they complement the organic shapes characteristic for Varier chairs.
Fabric selection
Varier fabric selection is curated by Snøhetta and grounded in a color concept that reflects our commitment to everyday movement. The selection consists of altogether 47 carefully considered options from Kvadrat Textiles, in a harmonious range of hues in mixed qualities.
 Varier Revive Fabric - Active Goods Canada
Revive is a vibrant upholstery textile designed by Georgina Wright. Made from post-consumer recycled polyester (PET) it is created with a focus to reduce the environmental impact both in production and on natural resources. The design is inspired by the textures, colors and materials of harbors and fishing boats. Revive is comprised by two uni-colors, one in the warp and one in the weft, either tone-intone or slightly contrasting.
Composition: 100% recycled polyester
Durability: 60.000 Martindale
Sustainability: Greenguard Gold HPD, EPD
Pilling: 4-5
Lightfastness: 5-7
Produced in China
 Varier Reflect Fabric - Active Goods Canada
 Reflect is a sophisticated twill weave upholstery textile designed by Patricia Urquiola made from recycled polyester, with a natural expression and a particularly tactile touch. Unusual for a textile crafted from recycled fibres, Reflect has a particularly delicate and soft hand. Made from recycled polyester, it offers excellent functional performance, as well as a full scale of vibrant colors. The versatile palette for Reflect expresses confident color combinations by matching warm notes with closely related nuances.
Composition: 100% post-consumer recycled Polyester
Durability: 100.000 Martindale
Sustainability: EU Ecolabel, Greenguard Gold HPD, EPD
Pilling: 4
Lightfastness: 6-7
Produced in Holland
 Varier Nitto Fabric - Active Goods Canada
Nitto is a knitted woollen upholstery textile designed by Alfredo Häberli. It especially stands out for its direct approach to color, vibrant mélange expression and three-dimensional construction. A micromesh knit, Nitto unites two layers crafted with contrasting yarn-dyed unicolored yarns. The textile’s base layer subtly echoes its primarily woollen surface. As opposed to other knitted mesh textiles, Nitto has a plain, smooth surface and the light volume traditionally associated with woven textiles. Due to its knitted construction, Nitto is particularly stretchable and is therefore ideal for organically shaped furniture.
Composition: 46% new wool, 43% polyester, 11% nylon
Durability: 100.000 Martindale
Sustainability:  Greenguard Gold HPD, EPD
Pilling: 3-4
Lightfastness: 5-6
Produced in Lithuania
 Varier Rewool Fabric - Active Goods Canada
Crafted using 45% recycled wool, Re-wool is a rich upholstery textile with a sustainable profile. The textile is partly made by reusing scraps from Kvadrat’s yarn spinners in the UK. It is designed by Margrethe Odgaard. ‘The idea was to create a both honest and environmentally friendly – textile with a poetic feel by recycling leftover material from Kvadrat’s own production, explains Margrethe Odgaard. Reminiscent of colorful stitchings on a darker background, Re-wool features exceptional depth of color, creating a dynamic play on the textile’s surface when applied to furniture.
 Composition:  45% recycled wool. 45% new wool worsted, 10% nylon
Durability: 100.000 Martindale
Sustainability: EU Ecolabel, Greenguard Gold, HPD, EPD
Pilling: 4
Lightfastness: None
Produced in United Kingdom
 Varier Fiord Fabric - Active Goods Canada
Fiord is a versatile woollen upholstery textile with a subtle three-dimensional look. Originally designed by Norwegian designer Tone Barnung, it comes in refreshed colors created in collaboration with Louise Sigvardt. The construction of Fiord combines a mélange yarn with a unicolored yarn that creates pearl-like dots that play across the textile’s surface. This sophisticated expression reflects a key source of inspiration behind the design: moonlight glittering like pearls on the rippling waters of a Norwegian fjord.
Composition:  92% new wool worsted, 8% nylon
Durability: 60.000 Martindale
Sustainability: EU ecolabel, Greenguard Gold, HPD, EPD
Pilling: 4-5
Lightfastness: 5-7
Produced in Norway
Melange Nap
Varier Melange Nap - Active Goods Canada 
 Melange Nap is a woollen upholstery textile characterised by exceptional depth of color and surprising details. Designed by Akira Minagawa, it offers a distinctively unique melange expression. Extremely soft yet durable, Melange Nap appears to be brushed. It is constructed with a unicolored and a melange yarn, which creates a graphic pattern of tiny dots that play across its surface. The volume of details that emerges from the surface of Melange Nap depends on the contrast between the yarns. Some of the darker colorways almost appear unicolored whereas others have an intriguing multi-colored look.
Composition: 97% new wool worsted, 3% nylon
Durability: 60.000 Martindale
Sustainability: EU Ecolabel, Greenguard Gold, HPD, EPD
Pilling: 3-4
Lightfastness: 6
Produced in United Kingdom
Varier Vidar Fabric - Active Goods Canada 
 Woven from bouclé yarns with a regular loop size, Vidar has a deep, tight, large grained texture that lends itself particularly well to the graphic use of color in upholstery. Originally designed by Fanny Aronsen, Vidar has been re-colored by Raf Simons. The gentle satin surface finish of the weave contrasts with the deep shadowy tones in the depths, giving a multifaceted richness to the intense colors in the range. Tightly woven, without the irregularities of other bouclé fabric, Vidar has an inviting texture.
 Composition: 94% new wool, 6% nylon
Durability: 100.000 Martindale
Sustainability: EU Ecolabel, Greenguard Gold, HPD, EPD
Pilling: 4
Lightfastness: 5-7
Produced in Norway
 Varier Divina Fabric - Active Goods Canada
Divina is a full-cloth product, which means that it is manufactured by weaving the yarn in a coarse linen hose casing, after which, it is subjected to mechanical processing using very high temperatures, at the same time as it is being colored. This creates a situation where the surface becomes smooth, directionless, and uniform in a manner very similar to the properties of felt.
 Composition: 100% new wool
Durability: 45.000 Martindale
Sustainability: EU Ecolabel, Greenguard Gold, HPD, EPD
Pilling: 3
Lightfastness: 5-7
Produced in United Kingdom
Divina Melange 3
 Varier Divina Melange 3 - Active Goods Canada
Divina Melange 3 is a vibrant piece-dyed woollen upholstery textile reminiscent of felt. Cheerfully simple, it comes in a fresh, versatile palette by artist and designer Finn Sködt. Compact, comfortable and extremely smooth, Divina Melange 3 expresses colors and the shape of furniture particularly well. It is constructed by weaving the yarn in a simple binding after which it is subjected to pressure and high temperatures. This milling process, which is often associated with fine tailoring, transforms the material from coarse to a soft and uniform, felt-like surface.
Composition: 100% new wool
Durability: 45.000 Martindale
Sustainability: EU Ecolabel, Greenguard Gold, HPD, EPD
Pilling: 3
Lightfastness: 6-7
Produced in United Kingdom
Hallingdal 65
 Varier Hallingdal Fabric - Active Goods Canada
Kvadrat’s first textile Hallingdal has become the archetype of woollen textiles. The very durable upholstery fabric was originally designed in 1965 by Nanna Ditzel and is now available in a version with an updated color scale. Hallingdal 65 is made of wool and viscose, which complement each other: the wool provides excellent durability and flexibility, whilst the viscose adds brilliance and depth to the color. Both materials are dyed before they are spun, which highlights the rich texture of the fabric.
Composition: 70% new wool, 30% viscose
Durability: 100.000 Martindale
Sustainability: EU Ecolabel, Greenguard Gold: HPD, EPD
Pilling: 3-4
Lightfastness: 7
Produced in Norway
Specialty Fabrics
The following fabrics are only available for selected chairs and editions, including Ekstrem™ and Variable™ Monochrome.

Forest Nap

Varier Forest Nap Fabric - Active Goods Canada
Woollen Forest Nap is a simple upholstery textile. Constructed with a plain weave, it can be described as the base textile in the Akira Minagawa collection. Forest Nap comes in an array of colors, ranging from understated natural hues to bolder notes. In collaboration with Stockholm based agency, Office for Design, we have selected five colorways for the Variable™ Monochrome Series.
Composition: 95% new wool worsted, 5% nylon
Durability: 50.000 Martindale
Sustainability: EU Ecolabel, Greenguard Gold, HPD, EPD
Pilling: 4
Lightfastness: 5
Produced in United Kingdom


Knit is an excellent furniture fabric with its durable and natural resilient properties. Th e woolen upholstery textile is custommade specifically for Ekstrem™ by Norwegian Devold. Knitted from one continuous thread, it provides an elasticity which is essential when fitted to the chair’s organic shape. The knitted fabric provides a soft and breathable surface and features a classic quadratic pattern.
Composition: 90% wool, 10% polyester
Durability: 60.000 Martindale
Sustainability: OEKO-TEX® certified
Pilling: 4
Lightfastness: 4
Produced in Lithuania

Leather Selection

We partner with Danish supplier Sørensen Leather to deliver both aniline and semi-anline leather in a range of colors.


Varier Noir Leather Upholstery - Active Goods Canada
NOIR is one of those leathers that stirs the emotions even before you touch it. Come closer and you can see the lovely, natural irregular marking from the rawhide. Run your fingers across the surface and feel the smooth texture of the natural grain. As a Semi-Aniline leather, NOIR has a special light finish that protects it from dirt, the effects of light and the harmful rays of the sun. The surface has a slightly more uniform look than Aniline leather, but the natural grain is still visible, adding to its authenticity and originality. NOIR is soft, flexible and comfortable, making it an exceptional choice for furniture.
Type: Semi-aniline leather
Tannage: Chrome
Sustainability: - 
Finish: Light surface protection
Dye: Water-based aniline dye
Origin: European rawhide from Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia


Varier Dunes Leather Upholstery - Active Goods Canada
Run your fingers along the surface of DUNES® and it feels as smooth as butter. The treatment process involving sanding, buffing and application of a custom oil to the surface gives it a velvety touch with a sublime tactile feel. DUNES® boasts a matt look that’s raw and natural featuring subtle, natural markings which makes each hide unique. The colors will vary from hide to hide. As a result of the leather’s exposure to daylight, interior lighting and usage, a patina will develop, and the surface will become smoother and shinier over time.
Type: Aniline leather
Tannage: Chrome-free
Sustainability: Nordic Swan Ecolabel
Finish: Leather oil to enhance the body
Dye: Water-based aniline dye
Origin: European rawhide from Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia

Fabric Care Guide

 Correct care and maintenance will secure that your Varier chair lasts a lifetime. Find our recommendations on the following pages.
Regular cleaning is important in order to keep the upholstery textile
looking its best and to prolong its life. Dust and dirt wear down the textile
and also reduce its fire-retardant properties.

Vacuum frequently, ideally every week, on low power with a soft brush. Upholstery made from polyurethane can also be wiped with a dry or moist cloth. Be careful not to rub the material with force, as this could damage the fabric and cause loss of color.

Spot removal
First, scrape off any liquids or hardened residues with a spoon or a scoop before you proceed. Any loose particles must be vacuum cleaned before further cleaning. Liquids must be soaked up with an absorbent napkin or cloth. Remove the spot as quickly as possible. Dab warm, soapy water from the outer edge and work towards the center in a circular motion. In all cases, we recommend testing stain-removal agents on an inconspicuous area first, to see if there is any effect on the cover. Make sure to dry the fabric fully before use.

Varier chair covers are non-removable. If needed, visit a professional upholsterer to assist you in the process of changing the covers.


Leather Care Guide

As a natural material, leather requires looking after. If cared for in the right
way, it will become even more beautiful over time. Our leather is ready for
you to use as soon as it arrives, so there is no initial need to treat it. The
care and maintenance of leather will always depend on the specific way in
which it is used, the conditions of use and how often it is used.
Aniline leather
Dunes is an aniline leather. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush once or twice a month to remove any excess dust. Never use soap or water, as this will cause the characteristic velvety look and feel to disappear. Do not apply leather grease or soak the leather. Avoid any chemical products, such as saddle soap, other leather cleaners or household products. Protect from direct sunlight, excessive heat and sharp objects. Natural marks such as insect bites, scars, wrinkles, hair whirls, or slight variations from one hide to another are typical characteristics you can expect. A patina will appear as a result of use and the leather will become smoother and shinier over time.

Semi-aniline leather
Noir is a semi-aniline leather. Use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush once or twice a month to remove any excess dust. Once or twice a year for thorough cleaning or for spot removal, use the foam from soap flakes stirred in warm water. Apply the foam with a dry soft cloth, minimizing any contact with water. Avoid bar soap, saddle soap, leather cleaners, household detergents or chemical products. Protect from direct sunlight, excessive heat and sharp objects.