How many of you are sitting in a traditional office chair as you read this? Probably most of you!

While the regular office chair is the most common seating choice for professionals, there are so many other active seating solutions that are better for your health and your back in the long term. One such option is the line from Varier that we offer on our site. These uniquely designed stools and kneeling chairs are suitable for any environment and are sure to help you stay more active throughout your working day.

Without further ado, here’s five reasons to love your Varier chair!


It Will Give You Better Posture and Support

So we mentioned that a Varier chair can improve your back health, but how exactly does it do that? Many of the Varier offerings that we carry are kneeling stools, such as the Varier Variable Balans. This means that the pressure of sitting is split between your shins and your back, rather than solely on your spine. In other words, your back isn’t uncomfortably compressed all day from sitting.

In the same vein, the angled seat of the kneeling chair tilts your pelvis forward, which in turn releases tension from your spine and promotes positive posture for prolonged sitting. So say goodbye to a sore achy back at the end of the day!

Varier Variable Balans Kneeling Chair by Fitneff Canada


They’re Stylish and Chic

I’m sorry but – have you seen these chairs? Their modern design makes them sleek and attractive, fit for any office setting. They’re unusual enough to make a statement, but also not too out there that they wouldn’t be appropriate for a formal space. You also have the option to custom design your chair with a wide spectrum of colours to choose from, as well as several fabric and wood types too. So whether you want to stand out with a vibrant red or blend in with a neutral grey, you can do just that.


It Will Integrate Movement into your Day

This is what it’s all about – finding ways to add more activity to your working day, and the Varier chairs can do just that! Many of the options have rounded bases that are similar to that of a rocking chair, allowing you to actively sway back and forth as you sit. They also let you sit in more than one position, so you can shift throughout the day to keep that movement going.

One stool in particular, the Varier Move Stool, is NEAT Certified by the Mayo Clinic. This means that all of the small movements it promotes add up to burn more calories than you would have if you were sitting in a regular chair. That’s a win in our books!

 Varier Move Stool by Fitneff Canada

They Provide Variety

You can love your Varier knowing that it was the perfect choice for you given your specific needs. This is because the Varier line offers a lot of variety to choose from, and not just in design options like we mentioned earlier. There are seating options that would be ideal for the office, home or classroom no matter what you’re looking for.

For example, the Gravity Balans is the perfect chair for your home living room. When you’re wanting to sit up straight and watch TV or read a book, you can easily do so by sitting in the kneeling position. On the other hand, when you’re wanting to lean back and relax, you can recline into total weightlessness and have the nap of a lifetime. Now that’s what we call versatility!

 Varier Gravity balans, Kneeling chair by Fitneff Canada

It Strengthens Your Core Muscles

Last but not least, these chairs can strengthen your core muscles as you sit. Because of the unique design and the way the chair situates your body, your core muscles are much more engaged than if you were slumped over in a regular seat. If you’re going to be sitting during the day, why not tone those abs while you do it?

Varier Thatsit Balans Kneeling chair by Fitneff Canada

And there’s the five reasons to love your Varier. But don’t take our word for it – try one out today!

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