Occasionally, in our lives, and in our careers, we meet a roadblock. We find ourselves in a downward spiral. We face writer’s block. We hit a wall. These kinds of challenges may be addressed in an afternoon, or they may take years to overcome. Whether our issue is large or small, it turns out there are steps we can take to improve our situation, and to get ourselves back on the right track. 


A study was published recently that indicates that walking can have a positive affect on our emotions. The study reports that walking, not for the purpose of exercise, but simply to introduce movement into some other routine activity, can cause “increased feelings of pleasant energy.” 

According to Jeffrey Miller, PhD, a co-author of the study conducted at Iowa State University, even a brief walk can prepare us to tackle tasks that may be looming. “Your feelings of engagement will very likely increase, and all those things you might have wanted to be doing should seem less imposing.”    

If a brisk walk around the office can help us to get through the afternoon’s to-do list, imagine what a walk around the block could do. Even better, incorporating regular walking into our daily work routines could allow us to feel even more positive and be more productive in our work. 


Talking to others can be extremely helpful when working through an issue. Of course, it is wise to be selective about who we speak with, especially in a professional setting. We must choose someone who we can trust, and who has the experience or expertise to provide input and guidance into the issue at hand. A confidant(e) or a mentor in the workplace can provide regular opportunities to talk through tough questions or a tough situation. However, an empathetic partner or trusted best friend who is willing to allow us to vent are, at times, also extremely helpful. 

Take a Break

When faced with a roadblock, sitting for long periods of time to work through the issue can be counter-productive. Taking a break from the issue can allow us to create some space, think about something else for even a short period of time. When we return to our work, we can do so with a fresh perspective. Hopefully, if our time away was spent doing something fun or invigorating (versus, for example, working on our expenses) we may return to our work feeling refreshed, and with a renewed sense of promise. 

So, take a break from your routine, find a way to take a walk, and talk it out with someone you trust. You may find your issue, or your wall, may not be as insurmountable as you thought. 

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