Summer is on its way out, and the delightfully chilly fall season is already stepping through the door. With the drop in temperature and the changing colour of the trees, it’s incredibly tempting to stay indoors where it’s warm and smells like apple cider, pumpkin pie and ginger spice.

But this beautiful and bountiful season has so much to offer in terms of keeping active! Take advantage of the gorgeous weather and keep active this fall season with one of the eight suggestions below.


1) Visit the Nearest Corn Maze with Friends and Family

You may get a little lost, or you may pioneer through the wall of corn. Either way, visiting a corn maze is a great way to get a few extra steps in while bonding with your loved ones. Corn mazes provide a great opportunity to get back to nature while also testing your coordination and sense of direction. As an added bonus, you’ll get plenty of fresh air, which will no doubt have positive effects on your health and mood.

Corn Maze Fall activity Fitneff Canada


2) Go Trick-or-Treating!

While trick-or-treating is definitely a lot of fun for younger children, it can still be a blast for you too - just beware of any ghosts or goblins that may be lurking around the corner!

Acting as a chaperone for Halloween can help get you up and moving. And of course, feel free to dress up for the occasion too! After all, the fall season is what you make of it. Be sure to bundle up if you plan on trick-or-treating later in the evening; fall nights tend to be a lot chillier, and you don’t want to risk catching a cold.

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3) Enjoy a Little Yard Work

Yard work during the summer isn’t as fun or enjoyable as it is in the fall. During the summer, temperatures can climb to unbearably hot levels, making yard work and maintenance more of a hassle than an enjoyable pastime. One of the great things about the fall season is that temperatures are way more moderate and easier to work in. Enjoy that refreshing fall breeze, the fantastic range of coloured leaves and the smell of the soil beneath you.

Yard work fall activity Fitneff Canada 

4) Get your Heart Pumping at your Local Haunted House

Nothing quite gets your blood circulating like a good old-fashioned jump scare. Another great way to keep active this fall is by visiting your nearest haunted house with friends and family. Depending on the size and the level of scariness of the haunted house, you’ll get quite a bit of walking done – or running. And it’s said that screaming burns quite a few calories too! Haunted houses are a great way to get into the spirit of the season, and they also make great photo opportunities to look back on.

Haunted House Fall activity movement Fitneff Canada 

5) Check out a Harvest Festival or Farmer’s Market

You never know what sorts of goodies and delights you’ll come across at your local harvest festival. Walking around from booth to booth is a great way to keep active at a leisurely pace while enjoying the products vendors have to offer. Just because your activity isn't too intense doesn't mean it isn't valuable!

Harvest festival farmer's market Fitneff Canada


6) Visit the Park or Go for a Hike

As mentioned before, summer is usually a great time to keep active outdoors, but the sun and temperatures can sometimes be too overbearing. This simply isn’t the case during the fall. Be sure to take advantage of clear skies and cooler temperatures by visiting a park and going for a walk or hike. It may even be a good idea to pack a little picnic to enjoy once you’ve found the perfect spot along your walk. Simply take your time and enjoy the nature around you; after all, it’s the season to be grateful!

Visit the park fall walk activity Fitneff Canada 

7) Go Pumpkin Picking

When one thinks of the fall season, typically the first thing that comes to mind are giant grinning Jack-O-Lanterns. Consider a trip to a pumpkin patch with your loved ones to pick out a truly deserving pumpkin. Walking through the fields will help keep those legs and arms moving, and you’ll likely do quite a bit of lifting if your pick happens to be a large one. It’s a cardio-arm-leg day all wrapped up into one! Of course, you’ll also end up with a fun crafting project afterwards. 

pumpkin picking fall activity Fitneff Canada


8) Walk and Earn that Pumpkin Spice Latte

One of the most exciting things about fall is that pumpkin spice lattes are back. If you find yourself tempted to get your hands on this delicious drink, consider walking to your nearest café instead of driving there. This way, you’ll definitely feel like you’ve earned your treat while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and keeping active.


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