Loctek Deskcise Pro FlexiSpot Desk Bike


Brand Loctek

The Deskcise Pro V9 Desk Bike by Loctek is the perfect mix between an exercise bike and a height-adjustable workstation. With this desk, you can read, write or type while simultaneously pedalling to integrate extra movement into your day. The overall footprint is small so that it can fit into tight spaces, but the desktop is still spacious enough to fit your working essentials. Plus, with the height-adjustable desk surface, you can also use this product as an ergonomic standing desk when you get sick of pedalling. With the Deskcise Pro V9, you don’t have to settle for a sedentary lifestyle.

The FlexiSpot V9 bicycle desk helps breaks up prolonged sitting with low-impact motion to circulation blood flow. It's easy to work on a laptop, read, or stream your favourite show while you pedal. You can adjust the height, raising it to use as a standing desk when you aren't pedaling. And it's easy to track your progress while you exercise with the integrated LCD display, showing readouts for workout time, pedal revolutions, distance, calories burned, and speed. 


  • Improves circulation, increases movement and reduces the risks associated with prolonged sitting
  • Doubles as a standing desk with height-adjustable functionality
  • Height-adjustment range allows for maximum ergonomic comfort for a variety of user heights
  • Comes almost fully pre-assembled with no tools required for no hassle - less than one minute set-up
  • Fully Assembled
  • Quiet operation to not disturb others around you while pedalling
  • Fully adjustable desktop that can be moved in all directions to suit user preferences – up, down, forward and backward
  • LCD display showing data for workout times, calories burned, pedal revolutions and speed
  • Bi-directional pedalling ability so that you can pedal forward or backward
  • Four rolling caster wheels for easy portability. For full safety, a gravity sensor locks wheels while in use so that you don’t roll away.
  • Eight pedalling resistance tension settings to customize to your preferences and abilities
  • Fully height-adjustable seat for ergonomic comfort 


  • Colours: Black or White
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Seat Range Lift: 29.6” to 37.2” 
  • Ideal Height Range: 5’1” to 6’2”
  • Warranty: 3 years

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Product Weight: 87.65 lbs.
  • Desktop Surface: 19.6” x 22.8”
  • Finished Product Dimensions: 37.6” (L) x 22.8” (W) x 34.8” – 48.2” (H)

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