If you are a leader or manager of people in the workplace, chances are your responsibility, first and foremost, is to retain a high-performing team that delivers measurable results at every turn. The truth is that, in order to do this, you should also be thinking about how to ensure that your team has a chance at well-being at work.

People cannot perform at their highest level if they are not in a good place. Physical and mental well-being are critical to ensuring that people to do good work consistently, and over time. If you are looking to improve the performance of your team, start with these simple ways to promote well-being in your work place.

Reduce Stress

Tight timelines and looming deadlines can cause stress in some people, but they can also motivate others. Pay attention to the sources of stress in your workplace, and strive to eliminate them. For some, it might be office politics. Others may be affected by the CEO with a fiery temper, or meetings that always go over schedule and cause them to be late for daycare pickup. If you can sense anxiety, but you can’t tell what’s causing it, just ask. And then work to resolve it.

Create a Comfortable and Inspiring Atmosphere

The environment we work in can truly matter. If you don’t have natural sunlight or a bright, airy space, install new lighting. Have the walls painted an agreeable colour. Encourage the team to create an environment for themselves that makes them feel comfortable, happy and inspired.

Reduce Sedentary Behaviour

Allow your team the opportunity to take breaks from long periods of sitting. Determine which tasks can be done while standing and walking in order to avoid being seated all day. Rather than sitting around the boardroom, get outdoors for a walking meeting. Install a walking desk in the office, and create a schedule so that everyone can have a turn.

Encourage Health and Have Fun

Rather than donuts, bring smoothies to a morning meeting. Create a monthly challenge to inspire everyone to log steps on their activity trackers. Strike up a health and wellness committee, and encourage them to come up with their own fun ways to inspire well-being in the workplace. Together, the office can determine how to make their own well-being a priority, and then have fun doing it together.

It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to promote wellness at work. Being mindful of those around us, and a few simple actions, can make a world of difference to the well-being, and hence the performance, of your team.


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