When I was a kid, I use to fidget a lot, whether it was playing with my hair or simply rocking my chair back and forth, I just needed some stimulation in order to get me through the day. Could you blame me? I was in a classroom that facilitated a sedentary lifestyle that as a kid I simply was not built for.

Movement and kids, the two are almost always mutually exclusive. Kids thrive on exploring and getting all their frustrations out through movement, that’s why it’s so important to have equipment both in and out of the classroom that allows them to do so. Traditional classrooms simply don’t provide a conducive environment for kids to move and as a result we often see kids act out in class and cause huge classroom disruptions. But what if there was a way to activate the classroom in a way that would provide an outlet for the high energy often accompanied with children? We’ve got good news The Kore Design Active Sitting does just that!

The Kore wobble stool takes active seating to a whole new level. With so many positive benefits you’re going to be begging to have this chair in your classroom or home. Here are 5 reasons to love the Kore Wobble Stool.

 1. Integrate more movement without being a distraction in the classroom

Benefit number one, the Kore Wobble Stool’s design allows students to integrate movement without being a huge distraction in the classroom. We’ve all had that one kid in class that just can’t help but cause a huge commotion, hey you may have even been that kid yourself. With the Kore Wobble Stools gently-rounded bottom students are able to make micro-movements throughout the day; helping to release pent up energy. The domed base gives students the ability to rock and spin allowing them to engage core muscles, further combatting sedentary habits. The Kore Wobble Stool’s active seating design also promotes better balance and posture among users.   

2. Great for Kids with Special Needs

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association ADHD affects about 5% of school-aged children. This disorder makes it difficult for children to sit still, concentrate and even do their schoolwork. The Kore Wobble Stool’s design provides an outlet for children with high energy seating needs like ADHD, ADD and Autism. Its design helps increase focus and attention span so whether it’s reading, drawing or playing board games kids are able to focus better and engage with what they are doing. Kore Wobble Stools are a really effective solution for improving the everyday life of kids with special needs both in and out of school.

 3. Different Sizes

Have you ever sat in a chair that just didn’t feel quite right? Something in your gut said, “this isn’t the seat for me”, we’ve all been there once or twice. Trust us, with the Kore Wobble Stool you’ll never have that gut feeling again. This brings us to the third reason you’ll fall in love with the Kore Wobble Stool, it comes in many different sizes! No more switching seats because one is too small or too big, you’ll always find your perfect fit. The Kore Wobble Stool comes in a variety of sizes from toddler (10”) to teen/ college (21”-31.5”).  With many of their chairs height adjustable kids/ students are able to grow with their chair and find their perfect height every time!

4. Different Colours

Don’t let your classroom be the boring one this term. Are you looking to add some colour to your classroom this school year? No problem! The Kore Wobble Stools comes in a multitude of colours that will surly add the pop of colour you’ve been dying for. With all stools available in virtually every colour of the rainbow your students won’t help but be drawn to all the vibrant colours! Such variety also makes it easy for students to pick a seat they will love for the entire school year. Kore Wobble Stools are also a great addition to playrooms, with so many options you’re sure to find one to fit the theme of your little one’s playroom.

5. Lightweight Comfortable and easily Portable

We all know this upcoming school year is all about integrating movement in the classroom, therefore having a chair that is lightweight and easy to move is essential! Whether you’re going from group circle discussions to individual class time, the Kore Wobble Stool brings mobility to the classroom with ease. Also, its comfy cushioned exterior makes it perfect for young students who like to bounce, wobble or spin! Want to hear a further added bonus? The Kore Wobble Stool is easily assembled and dissembled so no need to worry about complicated instruction manuals and it’s perfect for easy storage! 



After hearing all those benefits how could you not want a Kore Wobble Stool for your own! Whether it’s in the classroom or at home the Kore Wobble Stool is an essential item in allowing students to integrate movement. The ergonomic features are great for allowing students to make small or large movements throughout the day. If you’re looking for a chair that does it all; is colourful, student friendly, ergonomic and allows you to integrate movement, look no further this is definitely the chair for you. This is the ideal chair for students of all ages, so don’t miss out, shop the Kore Design Wobble Stools.

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