Some say that Valentine’s Day is a total hallmark holiday, an excuse for unnecessary consumerism and floral shops to overcharge you for a dozen stemshowever, we don’t see it like that. Valentine's Day is a dato communicate your appreciation and love for the people in your life, whether that is through a simple e-card or text message punctuated with lots of heart emojis or go the whole nine with a classic candlelit dinner - there is no reason to not be grateful for the people that support you through the thick and thin.  Our ideal Valentine’s Day is to share an experience with our favourite people, ideally, an activity that gets our hearts pounding and even a little flushed in the face. We’ve got blood pumping ideas for the couples, with your children, or your single self.  


For the singletons 

Whether you are enjoying your own company or going to rally up all your single friends, make it a point to get yourself moving this Saint Valentine’s day.  Get your own heart racing and take this time to fully indulge in the activity you love to do but can’t seem to schedule it during your week or check out some of these novel ideas below.  

Skiing or Snowboarding

Treat yourself to a day on a mountain for some skiing or snowboarding at your favourite resort. Skiing and snowboarding are mostly independent sport as you fly down these runs soloIt is also a great opportunity to invite your friends to join you in getting the adrenaline rush, catch up othe ski liftor even carpool up.  

Indoor Climbing

Go bouldering or get your personal best time on an auto belay route. These two options are completely solo sports as you are not relying on a partner to belay youThe vertical climb is an amazing full-body workout and you gain a huge sense of achievement from tapping the last hold at the top.  


With the kiddos

By default, your kids are an extension of yourself; the mini-mes that can do no wrongthe angels you can’t get enough of, the truest loves of your life So, the little one(s) are your perfect Valentines, choose to spend time to move together as it will create enduring memories and strengthen your child-parental bond. Don’t be afraid to ask your child what they want to do or revisit old sports you haven’t done since you were last in grade school! But if you are really stumped for ideas, here’s what we would do: 


AKA tubing, Krazy Karpet, sledding; names for all essentially going down a snowy hill without wheels, usually in a plastic vessel. You can visit any hill in your neighbourhood for a low-cost option or splurge for a day at a resort for a bigger hill. If you don’t get pink in the face from flying down the hill, you’ll get a flush from picking yourself up and running back uphill or to the Magic Carpet (conveyer belt) up. You can snuggle up close to your little one if they are 2-4 years old or race your older kids down the hill by zooming down in your own vessel.  

Laser Tag 

Like a modern-day combat cupid, gunning down your kids with love and lights. Laser tag is a great all-ages activity to dispel any pent-up work or school-related stresses whilst getting your cardio in. As everyone is outfitted with their own vest and gun, you can create an alliance with your kid(s) or approach it as a free for all, every man for himself style. Make it even more interesting by wagering ice cream or getting to abstain from chores from whoever gets the higher score.  


For the lovebirds 

Yes, we see you are already attached at the hip, you two probably share a lot of common hobbies and sports already, so you can fall back onto those activities as your active dateBut how fun would it be to see each other attempt something completely new? You two could be total prodigies at your new activity or completely fall flat on your faces – but it would be such a fun story to recall and tell at your next gathering. Ready to get out of your comfort zone with the person you trust the most?  


Sureyou and your partner have been attending yoga here and there and you can flow seamlessly from one pose to another but imagine the level of trust you two will reach if you two took up acro-yoga! Many studios in your city offer beginners classes that teach correct form and technique, so you are well-prepared to balance or support your partner in the air.  Soon you will master acro-yoga poses like the Front Bird, the Star, and so much more.  

Swing Class 


Literally sweep him/her off their feet by joining a swing class together! A true testament to how synchronized you two are, shake off any nervous energy by either browsing some videos on YouTube or attend a class at a local dance studio (a great way to meet fellow beginners, too). If you or your partner are convinced you both sport two left feet, encourage them by paying compliments and being patient. It won't be long until you progress from the jitterbug to swinging out during the Lindy Hop to the fast-paced, 300 beats per minute Balboa. 


We are not suggesting you completely abandon the magical candlelit dinner; insteadtack on wining and dining after your active date! We are into creating memories through shared experiences as it makes each Valentine's day a little more special. What do you have planned for Valentine's Day? Let us know below! 

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