Kore Design® Kids Floor Wobbler Balance Disc

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SKU: KOR4205

The Floor Wobbler from Kore Design is an excellent addition to any classroom setting. The specially-designed rounded base of this active seating solution allows children to move without being disruptive. This extra movement improves focus and attention by helping kids to release some of their extra energy in a healthy way. With seats like these, you can transform group reading time into something healthier, happier and more fun!


  • Allows children to release extra energy in a healthy way, which is particularly useful for kids who struggle with developmental disorders
  • Easy to stack and store when not in use
  • Safe for use for any age, with design features to prevent tipping over or pinching fingers
  • Integrates movement into a child’s day, encouraging activity that strengthens core and leg muscles
  • Can double as a standing platform for use with standing desks
  • Easy to clean and maintain



  • Rounded base with an anti-roll safety ring to promote movement but prevent tip-overs
  • Available in six different colours
  • Easy-to-clean surface perfect for use with kids
  • Antimicrobial Protection coating to reduce the spread of common bacteria
  • Curved rim to create space between the edge of the seat and the floor, reducing possibility for pinched fingers



  • Part Numbers: KOR4200 (Red); KOR4201 (Light Blue); KOR4204 (Navy Blue); KOR4205 (Black); KOR4205 (Grey); KOR4208 (Orange)
  • Weight Capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Materials: Durable, recyclable HDPE #2 plastic
  • Lifetime warranty through manufacturer
  • Made in the USA

Dimensions and Weight:

  • Diameter: 13.75”
  • Weight: 3 lbs.